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WireGuide Load Centers

Join us in first class where Siemens WireGuide offers more room than ever

  • Load centers accept new AFCIs with shortened neutrals that slide directly into the neutral bar
  • Over 4 inches of wire bending space
  • 11 SKUs each available in both grey and white
  • Pre-trimmed breakers available in Dual Function and AFCI

Unassembled Panelboards - Siemens P1 Series

Provides product flexibility, quicker job turnaround and affordable pricing

  • Unique design allows panel to be be inverted in the field and keep its labeling legible
  • Lay-in construction and or removable lugs make wiring the main and neutral lugs easier and faster
  • Field convertible main breaker and main lug kits allow switch from main lug to main breaker