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Quick-Connect ™Liquid Tight fittings

Labor saving: Push, tighten, done. No disassembly required

Installs 3x faster than other liquid tight fittings

Available in steel, stainless steel, Aluminum and High Temperature

Captive sealing ring makes it impossible to install backwards

Corrosion and harsh environment protection

Blackburn® Grounding

Can be used in direct burial or concrete encased applications

Broad line and no special tooling - extensive array of options

No training or special tools required for installation

Blackburn® EZGround™ compressions connectors available


MaxGard® - Heavy Industrial Applications - Hard environments and extreme conditions

DuraGard® - Light Industrial Applications - Waterproof (1000 - PSI water test)

ABB IEC 60309 - Light Industrial Applications - IP67 and IP69K watertight


Takes care of rough-in labor

Online - Easily configure the pre-fab or choose from preassemblies

On-Site - Delivered factory to job

Huge savings on labor, inventory space and shipping

Color keyed connectors

Precision hardened steel dies exert pressure on the connector and form a solid mass

Embossed die code on connector makes it easy to compare and verify the finished crimp

The Shure-Shake® crimp mechanism produces proper terminations every timebricks and runny, ineffective foams