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LED High bay rail

Ideal for large spaces at mounting heights up to 40ft

Four power packages deliver 12,000 to 27,000 lumen’s

60% less energy usage and no re-lamping for 27 years

Optional motion sensor for multi-level lighting control

2in. Downlight

Precision-engineered, smooth lightwithout hot spots or glare

Suitable for wet locationsin a covered ceiling

IC Rating: Suitable for directcontact with insulation

8W replaces 50W MR16.100,000 LED lifespan


Comes with 12 foot aircraft cables for suspension

3-color temperature consistency is warranty covered

2, 4, or 8' in matte black, matte white, or matte silver (can also be custom painted)

Cable grippers for easy height adjustment after installation


6 power packages - replacement range of 50W to 200W

Low-profile design - covers traditional canopy footprint

Ultra-high efficiency up to 122 lm/W

100,000 - Hour LED lifespan


Replace 35W to 250W metal halide floods

Available in 18W, 26W, 39W, 52W and 80W

Nema Type 7x6 beam spread (4x4 or 5x5 also available)

112 LPW with 100,000 hour LED life

Wallpack (Slim 26)

Fully cutoff, fully shielded LED wallpack

Can be used as a downlight or uplight

Contractor friendly features for easy installation

100,000 hour LED life