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IDEal T®-Series Wire Strippers

Compact, lightweight, an easy to use

Precision-ground, knife-type blades, built-in looping holes, wire cutters and convenient plier nose

Various models available

Ergonomic and textured grip

SureTrace™ Circuit Tracers

CertainCircuit™ feature now on all models

Ruggedized over modeling for enhanced impact resistance

Bolder dispaly for effortless viewing

Peak detector displays signal intensisty fluidly

S-Class® Fiberglass Fish

Non-conductive fish tape and eyelet foradded protection around live circuits

High-impact case and handle

Superior tip design. Provides optimal strength

Strength rated for 500lbs.


Excellent selection of devices, tags & locks for maintenance workers or contractors

Polypropylene plastic tool box resists oil and chemicals

Complies with ASTM requirements and OSHA regulations


Precision ground carbide teeth for fast cutting of clean, round holes

Designed specifically for sheet metal cutting, even stainless steel

Over drill flange built in, to prevent penetration beyond the sheet metal

Twister® Wire

Compact size easily fits intotight electrical boxes

Swept-wing design for morecomfort and better grip

Perfect for lightinginstallation and retrofit