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Secure, easy to grip latch provides audible snap and solid electrical connection

Clear terminal allows inspection of power contacts

Stainless steel auto ground clip

Consistent installation every time

No stripping, looping, or tape

Fire-Rated Poke-Through

Barrier expands during fire condition to maintain floors fire rating

Features dual 1” EMT conduit tubes for increased capacity

Excellent solution for both retrofit and new construction

UL listed for use in 1-4 hr fire rated floors

H-Moss® Occupancy Sensors

Adaptive technology. Less maintenance and adjustment needed

Available as a wall switch, ceiling sensor, or wall sensor

Reduce energy consumption and provide LEED certification

Quick ROI through decreased energy use


Flexible and dependable illumination

Instant illumination. Rated 50,000 hours

For construction sites, work areasand harsh environments


Recessed blades for protection against bending and breaking

Improved cord strength relief system

All stainless steel hardware and corrosion resistant connection points


High-impact, abuse-resistant nylon face

Face color coding by voltage

Wire restraint recess for both back and side wiring

Glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyester base for increased durability