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Carbide Cutter Kits

Cut stainless steel quickly and easily

Quick change arbor. Simple push and a turn

Flange stop prevents over-drilling

Ejector spring. Makes removal of slug easier

Removable cutter heads available in sizes 5/8 in through 3 in


Versatile - 1 shoe bends 1/2” to 2” MET, IMC and Rigid

Accurate - Absolute encoder stops bending at precise angles

Reliable - Solid sate electronics rated for 1,000,000+ bends

Speed Punch®

Available for mild steel - 1/2” to 4” conduit size

Up to 3x faster setup and disassembly

No - thread punch design eliminates cross-threading

Cobalt Step Bits

Available in 1/2”, 7/8”, & 1 1/8”

Split point tip: Resistant to bit travel

Dual-Flute design - Drills with less force


Ergonomically designed in-line tool.

Features cutting head rotation of 350° and light weight

Tools automatically retract when the cutting cycle is complete


Sidewind Crank; eliminates side to side wrist movement

Quick Adjust: Pivot and slide the headto rapidly adjust for different spool diamete