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BR Quick Connect Neutral Load center

Full length neutral bars provide more than 3005 neutral termination to increase installation flexibility.

Backed-out neutral screws increase the speed of electronic breaker installation.

Expanded circuit offering allows Type BR twin breakers to be installed on any bus sub.

Standard LED diagnostic for easy troubleshooting

BR Retrofit breakers

UL Classified. Fits Virtually any Panel.

Numerous Configurations Available

Labor Saving. Save 2-3 hours vs complete panel change.

Safely upgrade to AF/GF breakers. Meets current codes requirements

Dual Purpose Arc fault & Ground fault Circuit interrupter

Provides one device for both AFCI and GFCI protection, allowing for a single point of reset.

Offers complete protection from arc and ground faults for the entire circuit, including home-runs.

Integral LED indicates seven different trip causes, reducing troubleshooting time.

F-Frame Circuit Breaker

Three frames cover ampere range from 40 A to 225 A, reducing stock requirements and providing more flexibility than thermal-magnetic breakers

Two simple rotary dials adjust settings for amperage and protection levels

Uses accessories available on current F-Frame breaker

PowerXL DC1 – Compact Micro Drive

High Overload capability: 150% for 60 sec., 175% for 2 sec

Onboard I/0: 4 inputs (2 DI and 2 Di/AI), 1 output (1 DO/AO), 1 relay output.

Ease of control wiring - detachable terminal pad. Plug-in module to expand the number of relays.

Surge Protection – Residential & Commercial

120/240 VAC; 8 inch lead wire connection

Applicable standard NEC 280; includes LED visual indicator

Application AC power; used on computer,loadcenter, microwave oven, refrigerator

This one device will protect your entiredownstream electrical system