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DLM 12 & 18 Telescoping Pole Tools

Interchangeable Heads

Provides a safe way to reach areas that previously were dangerous or inaccessible

Power w/any 3/8" 1/2" drill

Use it to install ceiling wire and overhead screw or nut installations.

ProGrabit Screw Removal Kit

ProGrabit works on damaged screws and broken bolts from as small as No. 4 screw to as large as a 3/8' bolt.

Self-Centering bit. Won’t wander.

Compatible w/quick connect chuck system.

CA25 & CA 100 Cat-A-Pillar Wiring Device Spacer

25 ct & 100 ct packs Available

Made of durable Polyethylene

Each segment allows for 1/8” spacing

Installs quickly on single or multi-gang boxes

Reusable and can be used as a shim or a plastic washer to straighten crooked

Stainless Offerings


High Strength

Long-lasting Durability

Hardware Bulk Packs

Available in various pack sizes for all jobs

Applies to the following DOTTIE Hardware

Washers, Screws, Bolts & Fasteners

Convenience of packaging and availability

Pack available in 5000, 8000 and 10,000 count

Wall Dog Anchors

Installs quickly and easily with Philips screwdriver.

Installs in wallboard, plywood, concrete, hollow or grout filled block, brick and plaster.

No need for shields

No hole spotting

All steel anchor